How can I schedule a lesson?

In the case you are interested in taking lessons please contact us. The payment has to be made 24h before the lesson, otherwise the lesson will be rescheduled.


What should I prepare for the first lesson?

First of all, we need some of your games, in order to analyze them and to identify your main strengths and weaknesses. After that we are going to make a working plan which fits you best. It will include a long term work on the understanding, opening repertoire, calculation, etc. In the case that the student is a beginner we will start with our regular program for that level.


How can I cancel the scheduled lesson?

The lesson has to be canceled 24 hours before the time it is scheduled to be held. Otherwise it will be considered as given.


What do I need to do on my own in order to improve?

During the chess lessons the student will be guided to work in the right way, but without the dedicated approach the good results are hardy going to happen. We provide adequate homework, chess materials and recommend book, basically everything student needs in order to improve the game to the next level.