Beginner Level

Beginner Level Chess Program

Every professional was once a beginner. Learn the basics of chess online step by step from experienced professionals at Wisdom Chess Academy. This online chess course is designed for those who are enthusiastic to learn about the game. At this level, students will be taught the fundamentals of chess with easy to understand and simple chess lessons.
Why Wisdom Chess Academy?
Wisdom Chess Academy has a team of highly experienced coaches who see chess as a way to live life and tackle difficult situations. Learn from the best online chess coaches for beginners and train yourself to discover and control the game.
What will you learn?
  • Nature of the game
  • Learn all important moves of this royal game and determine the strategic nature of each chess piece. Make the best first move!

  • Square names
  • Easily learn all chess board coordinates like square names, ranks and files for each move and win the game.

  • Movements of Chessmen
  • Before playing the game of chess, it is important to learn the basics of the game and understand the value of each move.

  • Attack
  • Attack and defend like the masters and create a threat with every move. Become fearless on the chessboard!

  • Capture
  • Set traps and capture opponents pieces by utilizing basic tactics to gain an advantage over the opponent.

  • Check
  • Practice different moves to learn how to threaten the king and be on your way to chess mastery!

  • Checkmate
  • Practice some basic strategies and patterns and keep your opponent's king in check. Checkmate with the Fool's mate!

  • Stalemate
  • Stalemate is one of the most important factors in the endgame. Turn a loss into a win by tricking your opponent into a stalemate.

  • Types of Draw
  • Not every game ends with a winner or loser. There are several types of draws in the chess game. Winning is one aspect of the game, however, proposing a draw is absolutely normal as well.

  • Opening Principles
  • To have the best chance of winning, the initial moves of the chess game plays a fundamental role in chess. The attacks should be planned and the pieces should be developed with sufficient preparation to control the centre.

  • 2 Rooks Checkmate
  • Rooks play are important as they support the movement of other pieces. Two rooks against the king deliver a checkmate and oppose the king to the edge of the board.

  • 1 Queen Checkmate
  • The queen is the most important piece in the game of chess. Learn how to checkmate your opponent’s king with one queen.

  • Checkmate in 1 move
  • It's important to know how to actually checkmate your opponent in the game of chess. Learn the basic Checkmate in 1 move and win the game when you capture the opponent's king.

  • Basic Strategies
  • Keep your king safe by learning to make strategies and improving your piece play. Discover various moves and rules to beat the game.

  • Tournament Rules
  • Learning the rules is easy, but implementing them needs practice. Know all the basic rules of chess before you start the game.

Why learn chess?

Critical thinking
Crucial thinking facilitates people to apprehend themselves, their motivations and desires better. Learning chess will encourage curiosity and enhance creativity.

Problem-solving ability
Powerful problem-solving capabilities bring about happier and confident individuals. When children play chess, they learn to tackle troubles on their own and become resilient. They learn to accept challenges from a clear perspective.

Cognitive abilities
Playing chess will improve Cognitive abilities. It will allow you to gain the potential to reason, plan, resolve problems, think abstractly, understand complex ideas, analyze fast, and learn from mistakes.

Enhances concentration and patience
Learning chess will improve your concentration levels and help you focus better. It is a very important phase to learn better and faster.

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The Three Sublevels Under The Beginners Category

  • Beginners level 1
    We will introduce you to the world of chess. Learn about the nature of the game, some basic rules and movements of chessmen. In this level, you will also learn how to attack, capture and checkmate. This level is for beginners who are new to chess with interest and willingness to learn.
  • Beginners level 2
    After understanding the know-about of the game, you will be promoted to this level. In Beginners level 2, you will learn about types of draws, different opening principles and types of checkmates.
  • Beginners level 3
    This is the last level of the beginners. Here you will learn more strategies to play chess. You will also be introduced to more detailed and easy to understand fundamentals of chess.

Benefits of Online Chess Training

Free Trial Chess Session

A demo class will help you understand the ease of learning Chess Online, in a systematic manner learning every important strategy needed to win the game!


  • Deepty Mundhra

    Highly recommend this academy. The teachers are wonderful and take all possible extra efforts towards the child. Time to time friendly tournaments helps in motivating the child further. As we stay abroad they make themselves very much convenient to match the timings and our preferences.

    Deepty Mundhra
  • Roney Tilwani

    Enrolling my 6 yrs old daughter Kiana for online chess class with Wisdom Chess Academy was one of the best thing happend during this pandemic ..Proper curriculum n format is best part of this academy ..Tournaments n puzzles solving homeworks works wonders .. She is really happy with her trainer Rahul sir n his way of not only teaching but making it fun learning ..

    Roney Tilwani
  • Anand Palav

    For children who wish to learn chess from basic to professional level it's very good option. Due to lock down outdoor sports activity stop so kids can utilise this time to learn game like chess. it's helps to concentrate & decision taking ability of kids. About teaching it's very good step by step teaching small batches helps personal attention monthly competition also give good experience to kids.

    Anand Palav
  • Shashank Mokashi
    One of the best coaches in Mumbai. Great Quality Coaching!!
    Shashank Mokashi
  • Uttam Vishwakarma
    Superb coaching where children can learn and understand the concepts with ease.
    Uttam Vishwakarma
  • Suchi Saxena
    Excellent training experience with good interaction. Course was challenging but support and help was always been provided by the trainer. My kid enjoyed the class tremendously.
    Suchi Saxena
  • Manisha Vishwakarma
    A systematic and unique way of teaching chess where learning is fun for kids. Children enjoy learning chess, participating and answering.
    Manisha Vishwakarma
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