Intermediate Level

Chess Course For Intermediate

Once you have understood the basics of chess and have completed all 3 Beginner levels, the chess course for intermediate players will provide you with all the knowledge you need to become a stronger chess player. Improve your chess skills to the next stage and develop the positional side of your game. Wisdom Chess Academy provides chess lessons for intermediate players and gives them an exposure to different chess tournaments.
Why Wisdom Chess Academy?
Wisdom Chess Academy has a team of highly experienced coaches who see chess as a way to live life and tackle difficult situations. Learn from the best online chess coaches and train yourself to discover and control the game.
What will you learn?
  • Notation
  • In chess, notations are used to identify, record and describe each move of the chess pieces in the game.

  • Tactics: Double Attack
  • This is one of the most powerful tactics. It happens when the single move sets up two threats against the opponent. The opponent can only attend to one threat, giving you an advantage.

  • Knight Fork
  • Also known as double attack, in this basic tactic a single piece attacks simultaneously on two or more pieces.

  • Back Rank
  • While delivering checkmate the player attacks the back rank of the opponent i.e. the king is checked along with his bank rank. This is done by either the queen or the rook.

  • Pin
  • This tactic is used to restrict the movement of one or more of the opponent’s pieces. In this, the attack piece is unable to move without exposing the target behind it. Here, bishop, queen or rook can be used.

  • Skewer
  • This basic tactic of chess consists of taking advantage by attacking two aligned pieces. Also known as x-ray attack, the skewer tactic is similar to the Pin tactic.

  • Discovered Attack & Check
  • Surprise your opponent and win the game with this dangerous tactic. It occurs when the player moves one piece out of the way to create an attack for the other piece.

  • Double-Check
  • It is a powerful form of the Discovered Attack & Check. Using this tactic, two pieces are being moved to put the king in check simultaneously.

  • Destroying the defender
  • The layer captures a defensive piece that leaves one of the valuable pieces of the opponent undefended.

  • Decoy
  • A decoy in chess is used to make the opponent move from a critical square for you to take control and capture the piece.

  • Deflection
  • This forces the chess piece of the opponent to leave the square or rank it occupies, thus exposing a valuable piece.

  • Windmill
  • Also known as the seesaw, this tactic is a combined attack of discovered checks and regular checks. It takes place when one player gets the advantage to deliver multiple checks in sequence. The windmill move features winning a lot of opponents material.

  • Square Vacation
  • In square vacation, the first piece is moved to give space to another piece to go to the specific square. It is the sequence of moves that results in tangible gain.

  • Line opening & closing
  • It is important to know some detailed opening lines. These are the diagonals which are open i.e. not obstructed by pawns. This is an important part of the game that opens up new possibilities.

  • Basic Endgame Lessons
  • Learn and work through the basic endgame lessons that are the most decisive part of the game.

Why learn chess?

Critical thinking
Crucial thinking facilitates people to apprehend themselves, their motivations and desires better. Learning chess will encourage curiosity and enhance creativity.

Problem-solving ability
Powerful problem-solving capabilities bring about happier and confident individuals. When children play chess, they learn to tackle troubles on their own and become resilient. They learn to accept challenges from a clear perspective.

Cognitive abilities
Playing chess will improve Cognitive abilities. It will allow you to gain the potential to reason, plan, resolve problems, think abstractly, understand complex ideas, analyze fast, and learn from mistakes.

Enhances concentration and patience
Learning chess will improve your concentration levels and help you focus better. It is a very important phase to learn better and faster.

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The Three Sublevels Under The Beginners Category

  • Intermediate level 1
    After the 3 beginner levels, you will be promoted to the intermediate level 1. In this course, you will learn and practice different notations and tactics to help you win the game.
  • Intermediate level 2
    In this course, you will be introduced to important tactics like Discovered Attack & Check, Double-Check, Destroying the defender, Decoy and Deflection. Learn to analyse the game and learn impressive moves to win.
  • Intermediate level 3
    Improve your areas of weakness before progressing to the next level. Master chess tactics and moves and learn attacking as well as defending skills to save your game.

Benefits of Online Chess Training

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A demo class will help you understand the ease of learning Chess Online, in a systematic manner learning every important strategy needed to win the game!


  • Deepty Mundhra

    Highly recommend this academy. The teachers are wonderful and take all possible extra efforts towards the child. Time to time friendly tournaments helps in motivating the child further. As we stay abroad they make themselves very much convenient to match the timings and our preferences.

    Deepty Mundhra
  • Roney Tilwani

    Enrolling my 6 yrs old daughter Kiana for online chess class with Wisdom Chess Academy was one of the best thing happend during this pandemic ..Proper curriculum n format is best part of this academy ..Tournaments n puzzles solving homeworks works wonders .. She is really happy with her trainer Rahul sir n his way of not only teaching but making it fun learning ..

    Roney Tilwani
  • Anand Palav

    For children who wish to learn chess from basic to professional level it's very good option. Due to lock down outdoor sports activity stop so kids can utilise this time to learn game like chess. it's helps to concentrate & decision taking ability of kids. About teaching it's very good step by step teaching small batches helps personal attention monthly competition also give good experience to kids.

    Anand Palav
  • Shashank Mokashi
    One of the best coaches in Mumbai. Great Quality Coaching!!
    Shashank Mokashi
  • Uttam Vishwakarma
    Superb coaching where children can learn and understand the concepts with ease.
    Uttam Vishwakarma
  • Suchi Saxena
    Excellent training experience with good interaction. Course was challenging but support and help was always been provided by the trainer. My kid enjoyed the class tremendously.
    Suchi Saxena
  • Manisha Vishwakarma
    A systematic and unique way of teaching chess where learning is fun for kids. Children enjoy learning chess, participating and answering.
    Manisha Vishwakarma
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