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Chess- A game or a battle? Each player takes it in a different way. Every move in chess is a thoughtful and calculative move. But what matters is the first move. Chess Openings are very important because your first step will help you understand not only your plans, but also what your opponent is planning. If you spend a lot of time thinking about what should be your first move, then you might get into trouble later with time management. Secondly, it would be very obvious that you are opening for the first time. If you take less time in the opening, then later you will have more time to think during the game. Wisdom Chess Academy has online chess classes for beginners, which will help you to focus on understanding the concept behind certain openings and be prepared to face them.

How would learning chess online help you with time management?

Whether you are playing in board tournaments or online speed chess, time management is really important. Wisdom Chess Academy will guide you on how to take less time in the openings, which will help you to save your precious time for the game later. Memorizing basic chess openings will help you to be quick in starting the game and spare you enough time to think for your ahead steps. Sometimes you may find players using the same openings over and over again. For example, e4 is one of the most popular openings. You will see many players starting their games with e4. But maybe one day you might see a player moving their knight to the f3 square. You might think- ‘Wait!! What was that?’ For you it must be a first time and you might end up thinking what should be your next step. Here online chess classes for beginners comes into picture. If you learn chess online from Wisdom Chess Academy, then you will be able to plan your moves and manage your time, the smart way.

Does Chess Openings help in winning games?

Well Chess Openings won’t exactly make you win a game, but would play an important role for the same. As a beginner you need not learn the exact opening moves. Wisdom Chess Academy focuses more on the principles of chess. It’s online chess classes for beginners helps in understanding the basic principles of chess which is very important for the success of a game. If you know and understand the basic principles then you could think and calculate your hands before your opponent makes a move. Learn chess online with proper examples, so that you could understand each principle and the technique where to use it. Wisdom Chess Academy with its team of professionals provide examples from both white and black sides.

Memorizing is good and useful for some common openings, but you cannot rely on it because as the game gets heated you would feel lost, and would be unable to think of your next move. You could focus on the principles such as controlling the center and developing your pieces.

Is there a limited number of openings in chess?

In the universe of chess, there are many possible openings. Online chess classes for beginners teaches around 20 possible moves which could be taken after the opening move. Similarly, after the opponents first move, there are around 400 positions that you could move to, and so on. Hence, learn chess online from Wisdom Chess Academy and know about the various positions that you could think of, for opening a game.

As mentioned earlier, there are many possible openings but few of them are the best ones. Online chess classes for beginners at Wisdom Chess Academy gives the best examples of possible openings such as:

  • The Italian Game
  • The Scandinavian
  • The French Defense
  • The Slav Defense

The Italian Game- The cleanest game of all as it abides by all the opening principles.

Starting with 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4, the Italian game helps to control the center quickly with your pawn and knight. Putting your bishop in it’s dangerous square and prepare to move to safety.

The Scandinavian- With the Scandinavian, most of the top players with white are likely to win.

Starting with 1. e4 d5, the Scandinavian opening with black counters e4 with d5 which is an immediate attack on the center, forcing white to decide right out of the gate.

The French Defense- The most important opening for all chess players is to know the French Defense.

Starting with 1. e4 e6 2. e4 d5, the French Defense is known for its strategic opening. The risk factor in a French Defense is that the c8 Bishop could be very difficult to develop.

The Slav Defense – The strongest opening in a chess game is the Slav Defense.

Starting with 1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6, the Slav Defense is a strong opening which defends the d5 pawn with another pawn. This way it helps to bring your Queen to the C or B file for a Queenside attack and c6 helps to allow this.

These and many more openings can be learnt at Wisdom Chess Academy. It is not possible to learn all the openings but at Wisdom Chess Academy, in the online chess classes for beginners, you could learn and give assessments for most of the best possible openings. Once you are comfortable with a particular style then you could practice and become expert in it. Wisdom Chess Academy helps you to understand the midgame tactics too after the opening and that would ultimately make you better after every game. Learn chess online and take your first step towards becoming a grandmaster.

The main principle that one should follow for any opening is – ‘Control the center.’

At the start you may not win every game. But at Wisdom Chess Academy, we can assure you that starting from your first move till a heated battle, you will definitely give your opponent a tough time.

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