5 Best Tips & Tricks To Become a Better Chess Player

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Are you a beginner at chess and need to work on your abilities? Do you need some tips for playing chess? Are you still confused about how to win against your opponents? Everyone wants to master and get better at their skills but for that, your weaknesses should be addressed. It is rightly said, “You can only get good at the game of chess, if you love chess.” Rome wasn't built in one day. So, it is important to devote a significant amount of time to practice and learn all the rules and tactics of chess.

Here are 5 best chess tips and tricks to become a better chess player. This article is for every knowledge seeker who wants to develop their chess skills. Practice these tips for playing chess and have some fun!

  1. Learn all tactics
  2. Did you know that great chess players have the ability to glance at a position and assess the winning side? They can also determine tactical shots and best moves for each side. To be a good chess player, it is of utmost importance to know all the tactics and rules of the game. Most games are decided by tactical mistakes. By learning basic tactics you can take advantage of your opponents mistakes as well as avoid your own.

    Join online chess classes for beginners and learn move combinations like pins, skewers, checkmates, etc. that can result in a win in your next game. While playing against an opponent, allow yourself to think about all the moves until you find the best solution. Spot your opponent's moves with pattern recognition to head him off at the pass.

    It is advised to tackle at least 10-15 puzzles per day to help you find combinations and winning material. Knowing all tactics is important as they can define the game’s outcome.

  3. Play as many games as you can
  4. ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ You can't master something without practice, and chess is no different. To get better at the game, you need to learn these chess tips and tricks. Collect as much experience and take every opportunity to play a chess game. Whether on the computer, with friends or at home, the more you spend time playing the game, the better you will understand. Read about rook chess concepts and apply those while playing chess. Participating in tournaments, playing online games at home or going to the chess club frequently will give you direct exposure to the game.

    Learn chess online to improve your chess skills. Play games having longer time controls. Pick a time control that will allow you to spend at least 5-10 minutes on one move. This will help you to think carefully and formulate a plan while reviewing your opponents moves. Playing more games means you will learn even without knowing it, just by having fun. For reaching the chess expert level, consistency is important. Any consistent effort you make will result in improvements in the game. You can also join online chess classes for beginners. The key is to prepare, practice and play.

  5. Analyze and review your games
  6. Playing without reviewing is like gulping food without chewing- you will choke! It is not the best path to take for improving. Each game is filled with mistakes and opportunities. Reviewing and analysing games will help you to learn from your mistakes and understand each game. Review as many games as possible, especially your losses! Write down chess tips and tricks that you notice in the game.

    If you want to reach the chess expert level, it is always better to play a few games and learn than playing many games but learn nothing. It will help you to identify your mistakes and avoid them in future games. Analysing as well as enjoying the game is very crucial in developing the skill. This process of analysing and reviewing your games will develop your analytical skills to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Assessing and judging your games will definitely help you in the long run. You will make progress and improve over time.

  7. Study basic endgames and find your style
  8. There are various styles of playing the game of chess. Different chess players have different ways to proceed in the game. Some prefer aggressive attacks while some play gambits, launch attacks or offer sacrifices. Some players also prefer quiet play by building up a strong position before launching an attack. Learn chess online to test and trial various playstyles and find what suits you the best.

    Most chess games don't end quickly. At the end, most pieces are traded, often kings and other few pieces are left. The goal of the endgame is to promote your one pawn to the queen. The endgame being the most decisive part, requires precision and special attention. Most points can be won with precise endgame moves. Studying endgames will strengthen your intuition and help you win many endgames. It will sharpen your ability to interpret your opponents moves and see ahead. Endgames have the ability to simplify the most advanced rook endings or difficult knight versus bishop battle into a king and pawn ending. Learning theoretical positions will help you make the right decisions and positively affect your results.

  9. Watch immortal games and learn from expert chess players
  10. Watch and study the immortal chess games of great masters. Find a player you like, make them your mentor and follow their careers. They have fascinating and inspiring life stories. You can also join chess clubs, online chess classes for beginners and make use of a coach. These expert chess players will assist you to focus on your weaknesses by giving advice, making it easier to get better at chess. You can discuss your games, successes, and areas to improve. Also, you can work with low-level chess players by training and teaching them. It will help improve your own game, as explaining different concepts will help you understand them at a higher level.

    Learning never stops. If you learn a good move, look for a better one. Dig in a little deeper and wider in the pursuit of something amazing. Practice is necessary to get you to the master level. One move will decide the game- win, loss or draw. Take your time, learn, practice and figure out the best move on the board.

    Now that you have read the 5 best tips and tricks to become better at chess, to learn chess online and improve your game contact Wisdom Chess Academy. We hope these tips for playing chess will help you to skyrocket your skills!

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