11 Benefits of Learning and Playing Chess

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December 4, 2021
Benefits of Chess | Learn Chess Online| Wisdom Chess Academy

Jose Capablanca has rightly said that the game of chess is very logical and the one who can reason most profoundly ought to win. Chess is a popular game across the world played by people of all age groups. It is an incredibly beneficial pastime associated with intelligence, strategy and logical reasoning. Chess online courses might not build your biceps or tone your body, but it provides lifelong mental health and occupies the mind in a positive way.
Dear parents, are you still wondering how chess can benefit your child? Here are 11 benefits of playing chess. Consider your next move with WCA!

  1. Raise your IQ
  2. What do you think? Do smart people play chess or does playing chess make them smart? This is one of the most important benefits of playing chess. The game involves exercising all parts of your brain, thus increasing a person's intelligence quotient. In order to play well, the chess player must develop and utilize the left as well as the right hemisphere of the brain. The left brain deals with object recognition, whereas the right brain deals with pattern recognition. If you want your child to shine, introduce him or her to the world of online chess training!

  3. Improved memory
  4. It might not be surprising to know that chess players show higher levels of memory power. Improved memory is one of the big benefits of chess for young kids and students. It not only helps you to improve your game but also in areas of life such as academic performance and other responsibilities. A chess player has to analyse the opponent’s game and recall past moves to win. A well-developed memory will help you to consider multiple inputs at the same time.

  5. Improves problem solving skills
  6. The white and black checkerboard is like a big ever-changing puzzle that needs thinking and solving because your opponent constantly changes the game with tricky moves. In every chess game, you will face challenges that have to be solved in order to play the best game. The benefits of chess are many. Correlate these advantages of chess with every step of your life to develop positive outcomes. Chess online courses will help you to improve your problem solving skills to the next level and teach how to approach a problem. Chess classes will help you to think and plan your moves, not rush to decisions and weigh the pros and cons of your choices.

  7. Builds self-confidence and helps you focus
  8. Chess is a game that you have to play on your own. You have to put individual effort, work on your game and analyse your moves. This develops self confidence and resilience. The game of chess demands intense concentration. Not paying attention to the game can result in the loss of a match. Research has proved that chess sharpens young people’s ability to focus. This focus and confidence will help you in your school assignments, daily deadlines and other tasks. Chess online courses will help increase your productivity and attentivity.

  9. Sparks your creativity
  10. Online chess training will activate your right brain that is solely responsible for your creativity. Chess encourages people with different styles and personalities. You can show your creativity in the types of strategies, plans, moves and tactics on the board. According to research, students from grades 7 to 9 who play chess measure the most growth in thinking out of the box. Online chess classes from WCA will teach you to break patterns and explore new ways to beat your opponent in the game. Learn chess and develop your creative side.

  11. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
  12. A medical study showed that one of the benefits of playing chess is that it helps to keep Alzheimer's disorder at bay and boosts brain functions. Alzheimer is a progressive and incurable disorder that leads to memory loss and other important brain functions. It occurs due to old age and as the brain works like a muscle, it needs regular exercise. When you play chess, your brain is the most active part of the body. Learn chess and decrease the risk of dementia.

  13. Develops strategic thinking, planning and foresight
  14. In order to win a game, you should have a good plan of action. Learn chess and conceive better strategic plans than your opponent. Plans will develop as you practice. A good strategy making skill is productive and creates the best plan of action in your day to day activities. It is a life saviour in your academics or at work as everything has to be planned one step ahead.

  15. A great educational tool
  16. Chess is more than just a game. It becomes a low-cost activity for students to become involved at school. With so many advantages of chess, children of different ages and special needs can participate in the game for positive results. Studies have proved that there are definitive benefits of chess that include increased performance in reading and spatial abilities.

  17. Helps fight depression and anxiety
  18. Chess is used to rehabilitate patients recovering from developmental disabilities. It helps to develop motor skills, cognitive and also communication skills. It teaches the patients suffering from depression and anxiety to remain calm. In the pressure situation, a game of chess will force the brain to avoid thinking about depressing thoughts, thus being relaxed and focused. The game of chess is a great stress buster.

  19. Teaches sportsmanship
  20. Chess enhances sportsmanship, which is one of the important life skills for developing minds. It also improves the child's self-esteem. It helps you to accept loss positively and guards against ‘win at all cost’ mentality. It is a silent game, however, there is a respectful communication between the opponents during and after the game that promotes good sportsmanship.

  21. Brings people together
  22. Online chess training will connect children from different ages, backgrounds over a common passion and liking for chess. It creates great opportunities for students to make friends and explore the world of chess. It allows the person to think like their opponent and understand the way they play.

    The game of chess is the ultimate thinking game. It is never too late to learn and play chess. Register your child for online chess training. Improve your skill set, intelligence and brain health with chess online courses at WCA!

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